When compared to other 58-win teams, the Milwaukee Bucks find themselves in a really perilous situation. The club has begun the search for a new head coach after dismissing Mike Budenholzer on Thursday, but that isn’t the only pressing issue for the organization in the near future.

In the NBA, working for the Bucks is up there with the best of them. If Budenholzer’s replacement does a good job of managing the rest of the squad, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s presence will allow the team to achieve even more.

The Bucks should have no trouble recruiting their ideal coach since almost every available candidate would be interested in working for them. To help Milwaukee get started on its hunt, CBS Sports have taken a look at the three most likely options.

Frank Vogel

Even though he needed LeBron James to win it all with the Lakers, coach Frank Vogel got closer than any other Eastern Conference coach did to ending LeBron James’s eight-year Finals run. Vogel developed the best defenses in both Indiana and Los Angeles.

Throughout most of the 2020 Finals, star big man Anthony Davis effectively defended Butler, the wing who has such troubled Milwaukee in previous years. This was just one example of how the 2020 Lakers boasted one of the most versatile defenses in recent memory.

Charles Lee

Associate head coach Charles Lee, under Budenholzer, has been in the running for various head coaching positions in recent years, including the one with the Detroit Pistons. Lee, at the tender age of 38, would be among the NBA’s youngest head coaches, but it hardly suggests he lacks expertise.

Since he has been on Budenholzer’s staff since 2014, he would be in a good position to implement the minimal changes needed to get the Bucks back over the hump. That strategy has been successful in the past. Success also attended the next person on this list.

Mike D’Antoni

Former NBA head coach who oversaw three consecutive No. 1 offenses with the Phoenix Suns and one more with the Houston Rockets has been out of the game for the last two seasons but shows no signs of retiring.

It makes a lot of sense for the Bucks to hire a coach who will focus only on improving the offense if they are confident that their roster quality would allow them to retain their defensive prowess. D’Antoni is the best available offensive coach, and there isn’t anybody else.