The summer for the Brooklyn Nets was nothing short of a roller coaster ride, but head coach Steve Nash feels that things have returned to normal in the borough, particularly with regard to his relationship with superstar player Kevin Durant.

A year after extending his contract with Brooklyn by four years and submitting a request for trade on June 30, Durant informed the team of his desire to be sent somewhere. After speaking with Nash, Joe Tsai, Clara Wu Tsai, and Rich Kleiman in Los Angeles, the two-time NBA champion ultimately chose to withdraw his request and continue with the process.

This took place during the end of the previous month. Following that conversation, Nash is now in a position where he considers the squad to be in “fine” shape going into the upcoming season.

Steve Nash addresses relationship with Kevin Durant

“We’re good. It’s been like nothing’s changed. I have a long history with Kevin [Durant]. I love the guy. Families have issues. We had a moment and it’s behind us. That’s what happens. It’s a common situation in the league. Knowing Kevin as long as I have, it didn’t really bother me the way maybe everyone would think.

“That’s a part of being competitors. I wasn’t overly surprised and I wasn’t even overly concerned. It was something that I thought we would address in time, and we did. And here we are and we’re looking forward. It’s something else that we can grow from as well. I never thought that was 100 percent. It’s not black and white like that. There’s a lot of factors, a lot of things behind the scenes.”

Steve Nash told ESPN