Following a promising season, the Eagles seem prepared to make even more progress this year. Philadelphia has improved on many areas this offseason, so the expectations are high ahead of the 2022 NFL season.

If the Eagles made the playoffs last year, the feeling is they could go even further after landing star wide receiver A.J. Brown, among other players. As a matter of fact, Miles Sanders already feels they’re like an ‘All-Star team.’

However, the former Tennessee Titans wideout disagrees. Though he is also excited for what’s next for the Eagles, Brown made clear the team is still a work in progress.

A.J. Brown not ready to call Eagles an ‘All-Star’ team yet

“He’s excited about what this team could be,” Brown tweeted. We all are. But we’re not An All-Star team. We definitely could be with years to come. We have [to] strap up our pads and prove it every year and that’s what we plan to do! #1Weekatatime.”

Brown knows that building a winning team doesn’t happen overnight. The mood in the locker room might be through the roof right now, but it may not be a bad thing that an experienced star reminds them how much work they still have to do.