There was a lot of excitement in Jacksonville when the Jaguars selected Trevor Lawrence first overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. However, it turned out to be a disastrous season for the Jags.

Urban Meyer didn’t even get to finish the year at the helm of the team, which struggled to get victories in its first year with Lawrence under center. For the Clemson product, it was a tough rookie season.

While he got used to win almost every week in college, Lawrence suddenly found himself on a losing team. In an interview with Colin Cowherd on The Heard, Lawrence said he learned to appreciate more every win after last season.

Trevor Lawrence now has ‘greater appreciation’ for wins

“I think I learned a lot from last year,” Lawrence told Cowherd, via ProFootballTalk. Obviously, you get a different perspective than when you’re just winning like I had in the past. So I have a lot greater appreciation for winning, for one. And then just being able to overcome some of those challenges, face all of them, and then now going to a new year with a lot of confidence, good team around us, great staff — I’m really excited.”

In sports, it’s usually said that you learn from defeats. Last year was certainly a huge blow for Lawrence and the Jaguars, but there could be a silver lining in it if it helps the young quarterback to appreciate more every win. The team expects Doug Pederson to change its fortunes this year, hopefully getting the best out of Lawrence in the process.