Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are some of the last veteran quarterbacks standing in the league. A number of young signal-callers emerged over the last few years, promising to take over for them once they step away from the game.

Many fans may have been worried about what would happen the day they retired, but the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen proved why they shouldn’t be worried at all.

Early in their careers, these two quarterbacks already have a lot of history. Bills and Chiefs took the limelight with memorable playoff games, in which Mahomes had the upper hand. Even so, Allen says his relationship with the Chiefs star is great.

Josh Allen says relationship with Patrick Mahomes is ‘really good’

“I’ve spent a couple of times around Patrick, but every time I’m around him, he’s just a great dude,” Allen said in The Steam Room podcast, per Ed Easton Jr. of USA Today. “He’s a great personality. He’s fun to be around. And obviously, all the respect that I have from on the field, I think it’s a different vibe than what people think.

Allen acknowledges that things have to be different when they face each other, but that doesn’t change the fact that they get along off the field.It’s the old mantra, ‘You gotta hate your enemy.’ But I would say that we have a really good relationship, especially for, you know, the type of games that we tend to play in. [The] AFC championship two years ago, and obviously, the divisional last year. But he is — he’s awesome. He really is. Love being around him.