Orlando Brown‘s status with the Kansas City Chiefs remains uncertain, as the team has yet to receive confirmation that he would accept the franchise tag and report for training camp. Both parties were unable to secure an extension before the July 15 franchise tag deadline, thus he will become a free agent in 2023.

There were rumblings that the Chiefs were disappointed that the offensive tackle and the team could not agree on a long-term contract after the contract discussions concluded. A member of the Kansas front office was quoted as saying that Brown “isn’t the same man that we traded for” and that he “was going to be a team player and work with them on a team-friendly sort of contract.”

Patrick Mahomes got the chance to respond to the story, and he emphatically denied the claims that the 26-year-old was not a team player. Since Brown’s arrival in Kansas City, Mahomes’ friendship with him has only grown stronger.

What Mahomes said about Brown

“I have no idea who said that. I mean he’s a great team player. He’s one of the smartest football players I think I’ve ever played with. He has a high IQ, I remember even when he wasn’t at OTAs he’s asking me questions, he’s watching the film, he’s doing everything to make sure that when he steps here, he’s ready to go.

“I think that comes with him cause his dad played in the league, he has been around the sport his whole life and you ask anyone on this team he’s one of the best guys on this team, if not the best one”, Mahomes said Friday.