American football teams compete every year for the title of NFL champion in the Super Bowl. Presented in honor of the first coach to win a Super Bowl, the Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded to the NFC’s best team against the AFC’s finest.

Those on the winning squad are also given championship rings. For starters, back-ups, and injured players, the NFL gives a postseason salary if they’ve played at least three games on their team’s active or inactive list.

The process of producing bespoke championship rings begins in the last seconds of the Super Bowl after it is clear which team will be named the victor.

Super Bowl Ring worth

There are around 150 championship team rings that are awarded to the victorious club’s players, coaches, and staff members. In general, it costs $5000 to produce a Super Bowl ring, but the club’s final expenses are chosen by the team, not the general public. There is a four-month lead time for designing, producing, and shipping Super Bowl rings, according to Minnesota-based jewelry manufacturer Jostens.

Many factors influence the value of a ring, including the context in which it is given and the player who receives it. The value of a Super Bowl ring rises considerably if it is presented to a celebrity, who typically costs between $30,000 and $50,000.

Super Bowl rings have been valued at $35,000 or more in recent years. The Super Bowl LV rings, which are worth $35,000 apiece, were given to every member of the team, including the coaching staff and front-office employees.