Never will you hear anybody say that Patrick Beverley lacks self-assurance. He confirmed his reputation at Tuesday’s news conference, his first with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Many people were taken aback when Beverley was sent off to the Lakers last month. Beverley quickly cut off the reporter who had begun the inquiry by claiming that he would get to play alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

“They’re gonna be playing with me. I made the playoffs last year, they didn’t. It’s a difference … I’m glad that, you know, we get a chance to play with each other.”

Patrick Beverley won’t submit to likes of James or Davis

There is also a history between Beverley and LeBron. The veteran point guard recently admitted to carrying a chip on his shoulder because of his dismissal from the Heat as a rookie soon after LeBron’s arrival.

Meanwhile, even though Westbrook and the 34-year-old are rivals, he was the only Lakers player to show up to Beverley’s first formal debut with the club. The duo established together they are ready to join up by enthusiastically hugging each other after the point guard had finished speaking.