Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson started 68 games this season, but as the club recovered and prepared for the playoffs, he was demoted to an off-the-bench position. Robinson’s role shrank even more in the postseason, as seen by his accumulating number of coach’s decisions to not play.

In the summer of 2018, Robinson signed a five-year, $90 million deal with the Heat. Despite already having Tyler Herro, on the payroll, his name has been brought up in trade speculations as Miami seeks to improve its team.

A healthy reserve for the Heat against the Hawks in the first round, the 28-year-old shooting guard played in all but one quarter of those games off the bench. However, in the seven games that have followed, he has featured for a total of 18 minutes.

What Robinson thinks of his playing time

“Not playing sucks. In a lot of ways, especially when you feel that you’re capable, that you can help win. It’s a really, really challenging feeling to combat, especially when you’re on the cusp and in the midst of a run where you’re team is playing really well. It’s this really challenging mix of emotions of excitements, because you sacrificed so much to the team and in your own personal life to be in this situation.

“But you also understand that with that sacrifice comes an expectation, you feel like you have a role where you’re contributing to winning… Just also understanding that was happening outside of me is out of my control. What I can control is how I respond to it, how I choose to embrace these challenges. I need to do whatever it takes to excel in it.”

Robinson said on The Long Shot Podcast