Perhaps Kevin Durant was hoping for a speedy resolution to his trade request back in June. After a turbulent season that they do not look interested in repeating, the Brooklyn Nets were inclined to comply with his request.

His quality would have warranted many massive bids, from which Brooklyn could have picked the best. Unfortunately, a month after making the request, there still is no offer in sight.

Given that DeAndre Ayton has signed an offer sheet that prevents him from being traded until January, it’s unlikely that Durant’s favored Phoenix Suns will be able to give him a contract. While the Boston Celtics have emerged with a stunning offer centered on Jaylen Brown, the Miami Heat are equally low on assets, and a deal between the two teams has not yet been reached. Those deals aren’t going to get better before training camp starts.

Could Kevin Durant change his mind and stay in Brooklyn?

However, ESPN‘s Zach Lowe reports that the Nets are still holding out hope that Durant would rescind his trade request once he realizes he has no realistic options. They also believe that there’s still a chance he will alter his mind if he goes without a trade for a little longer.

To what extent the forward would be open to that possibility is now unknown, but Marc Stein claims he is still trying to be traded away. In any case, returning to Brooklyn would put the veteran on a competitive squad with Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons.