The Phoenix Suns took a bold move by dismissing head coach Monty Williams. Since 2021, when he entered the league, no other coach has won more games than him in the NBA. This was before Kevin Durant joined the team.

The Suns tried to go all-in for a title this season by trading for star players, but they ultimately lost to Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets due to a lack of depth, injuries, and Deandre Ayton’s inconsistent play.

Williams’ departure from the Suns’ front office raises the question: who should take over as Devin Booker’s coach? Let’s examine the qualifications of three likely contenders.

3. Mike D’Antoni

Earlier in his career, Mike D’Antoni previously coached this squad. Despite several dubious rulings, the seven ‘seconds or less’ period is widely regarded as one of the finest in franchise history.

There’s no denying that the Suns have two of the league’s finest scorers in Devin Booker and Isaiah Thomas, and D’Antoni is one of the few coaches who might possibly get the most out of that duo. The problem of defense, however, will never go away.

2. Mike Budenholzer

To lead the Milwaukee Bucks to a championship a few seasons ago, Mike Budenholzer really prevailed against Williams.

Budenholzer was let go because he refused to make modifications in the playoffs, yet he is one of the greatest throughout the regular season and has won championships before.

1. Nick Nurse

The emergence of Nick Nurse as one of the league’s most reliable coaches came as somewhat of a surprise. He only had one losing season with the Toronto Raptors (when they were relocated to Tampa) before leading them to a title.

Nurse is really good at the tactical side of things. There are concerns about his leadership skills, especially with someone as strong-willed as Durant, but he is a top-tier strategist who could be able to breathe new life into the desert.