Once upon a time, there was a legitimate point of contention about whether Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James should be the first choice in the NBA Draft. But the veteran has been out of action for some time now.

As impressive as Anthony’s career was, he appears to have been overlooked at every turn. However, when you least expect it, the 38-year-old forward may come tearing out of the tunnel.

As SportsNet New York‘s Ian Begley put it, “something to keep an eye on” is whether or if the Phoenix Suns contemplate adding Anthony to their roster. Let’s examine which squads might profit most from his presence.

3. New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony’s return to the MSG court has been anticipated for years. His departure from the New York Knicks was a sour one, and it has even been suggested that Phil Jackson treated him wrong and made him the scapegoat.

Melo deserves more from the Knicks, who have the chance to re-sign him for the rest of the season. They are on the cusp of playoff contention and could use a seasoned veteran’s clutch shooting and playmaking abilities.

2. Miami Heat

When the trade deadline approached, Pat Riley was unable to improve his team’s squad. Even if he signed Kevin Love off the buyout market, he still has some fixing up to do in Miami.

Although Carmelo Anthony is no longer an All-Star level player, he may assist relieve some offensive pressure on Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler if the Miami Heat were to sign him this summer.

1. Phoenix Suns

NBA superstar Kevin Durant wants his club to sign Carmelo Anthony, and he generally gets what he wants. That seems to have been the case in Brooklyn, at least.

Carmelo and Chris Paul are good pals. To everyone’s delight, the duo should be able to go out on top, thus it’s fitting that the Phoenix Suns are now the favorites to win the NBA title.