The Boston Celtics are struggling recently. They were predicted to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals, but have struggled to keep up with the Miami Heat’s ferocity.

If they win the Game 6, there is still hope that they can salvage the series. There has never been a comeback from a 3-0 series disadvantage in NBA postseason history, and the Heat currently have a 3-2 advantage.

With the Celtics’ season potentially ending this week, we’ll discuss the speculation surrounding Jaylen Brown‘s future with the team and the three teams that make the most sense for him to join.

3. Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets just hired Ime Udoka, who has a tight relationship with Brown. They have a lot of promising young players in the backcourt, but none of them can contribute at Brown’s level just yet.

They are apparently trying to reconnect with James Harden, suggesting that they are now competing. The Celtics may be able to recover part of their investment in the Rockets by acquiring their draft selections and young players.

2. Atlanta Hawks

Jaylen Brown is a native of Georgia who is said to have deep ties to his hometown. He may try to return to Atlanta, where the Hawks may be a good fit for his strong moral character.

It’s been said that they want to get rid of Trae Young. Even if he isn’t exactly what the Celtics need, he would be a fine backup to their rising star.

1. Boston Celtics

A supermax contract extension was available to Brown when he was named to an All-NBA team, and not many individuals would turn down an extra $50 million.

His contract with the Boston Celtics still has a year remaining on it, and he apparently wants out. However, he has the best opportunity to win a championship with that squad, as well as the greatest financial reward.