Despite their best efforts, the Atlanta Hawks were unable to put the Boston Celtics in a bind. They’ve often struggled when facing the NBA‘s best teams, and this season was no different.

Their problems throughout the regular season probably weren’t without reason. Their campaign had full of ups and downs, and as a result, they were never able to secure a top seed.

Some experts have placed the blame on Trae Young for the team’s recent struggles, so with reports indicating the organization is willing to part ways with their rising star, it’s time to examine the three teams that could be interested in acquiring him.

3. Chicago Bulls

Despite Arturas Karnisovas’ best efforts, the Chicago Bulls are now out of the playoff picture. It seems that the present roster is defective, and Lonzo Ball may never play basketball again.

They could probably trade Zach LaVine for another furious star as he seems dissatisfied with Billy Donovan. The Hawks would let Dejounte Murray play point guard all the time if the Bulls included some more pieces in the trade.

2. Dallas Mavericks

An everlasting bond exists between Luka Doncic and Trae Young. It is only natural that the players involved in one of the finest deals in recent NBA history would join forces as members of the Dallas Mavericks and attempt to dominate the NBA for years to come.

While this wouldn’t be a huge defensive upgrade from Kyrie Irving, it would give them two foundational pieces to work with for the next decade. To make this possible, they’d have to negotiate a sign-and-trade with Kyrie and acquire a forward with a focus on defense.

1. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat’s search for a new superstar has gone on for far too long, especially considering the team’s recent first-round victory against the Milwaukee Bucks.

For a long time, this group’s point guards have been its weakest link. They could acquire him for Kyle Lowry, and Duncan Robinson, a first-round selection in 2027, and a first-round selection in 2029.