Cleveland’s NFL team, the Browns, has not exactly been a smashing success. Long has passed since they last had a team capable of winning the Super Bowl, and that trend shows little signs of changing anytime soon.

Poor decision-making from the above management has contributed significantly to the Browns’ problems. And if the reports are true, it might plague them again this season.

Releasing star running back Nick Chubb may be an option to save costs. If so, these three clubs are expected to show serious interest in signing him.

3. Buffalo Bills

Although the Buffalo Bills boast a top-tier passing attack, their ground game has been unremarkable. Yet all his potential, James Cook is hardly Nick Chubb.

The Bills, led by Josh Allen, must do all in their power to break through to the next level of competition. They could really use a workhorse running back like him.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles came close to winning the Super Bowl but ultimately came up short. General Manager Howie Roseman, therefore, will not rest on his laurels.

As a free agent, Miles Sanders won’t have much of a chance to make the Eagles’ roster, and they already have a pair of good running backs on hand. Yet, they have tried to bolster their team’s squad once again, thus they may be on the verge of improvement.

1. Miami Dolphins

One of the league’s most exciting attacks belonged to the Miami Dolphins. Mike McDaniel’s passing offense rocked South Florida with its emphasis on the vertical pass.

Unfortunately, neither Rasheed Mostert nor Chase Edmonds lived up to expectations. While they did have some good games with their running attack, they might really take off if they added a reliable player to that position.