Wednesday night was Game 1 of the Western Conference Final between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks.

It’s no secret that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson pose a danger to the Dallas Mavericks, but Luka Doncic believes that Draymond Green also poses a concern. In order to shut down Doncic and the Mavs, the Warriors will rely on the 32-year-old power forward.

The influence of Green on the defense of the Warriors is just as great or even greater than that of his colleagues, despite the fact that he does not score as many points as they do.

Doncic shares real feelings about Green

“I have so much respect for Draymond, man… Obviously Klay and Steph are incredible offensive guys, but I think the key to the Warriors team is Draymond. He is just so unbelievable, and I really respect everything he does.”

“[Draymond] impacts the game in every other way, I really have a lot of respect for this guy.” When reminded that the initial question was about trash talk, Luka laughed and said, “You never hear me trash talking in the media. But obviously we’re gonna have some words, that’s the fun about the game. I love that part.”

Doncic told Tim MacMahon of ESPN