Reports of an altercation between Golden State Warriors teammates Jordan Green and Draymond Poole during a training session surfaced earlier this month. An official video soon revealed the situation to be much direr than anybody outside the team had been led to believe.

Poole, the young guard, shoved Green away when Green got in his face near the sideline, and Green retaliated with a vicious hit. And yet, Poole escaped with just minor injuries.

Nevertheless, the Warriors were thrust into a difficult scenario where they had to make quick decisions despite the severity of the event, a disparity in age, stature, team role, and contractual conflict. While Green was fined and not banned for any games during the regular season, he decided to take time off during training camp.

What Jordan Poole said of incident with Draymond Green

Now Jordan Poole has finally spoken up about getting hit in the face by Draymond Green at training camp, a scandal that has thrust the reigning NBA champions into the spotlight.

“[Draymond] apologized. [It was] professional, and we plan on handling ourselves that way. We’re here to play basketball and everybody in the locker room and on the team knows what it takes to win a championship and we’re gonna do that on the court. That’s really all I have to say on the matter. We’re here to win a championship and keep hanging banners”, he told the media on Sunday, via NBC.