It would seem that the Golden State Warriors are no longer in the running for Kevin Durant. Despite being the reigning champions, Warriors general manager Bob Myers told on Wednesday that the team won’t be making any significant changes this summer.

Even though rumors were rife when Durant requested a trade to the Nets from the Warriors, the two teams were never likely to reunite. The Warriors superstars reportedly even contacted their ex-teammate at one point to have a chat about it.

The Warriors’ hopes of a repeat season mean that veteran forward must wait. Even though he asked to be traded three weeks ago, he is still a member of the Brooklyn Nets and is unlikely to be moved anytime soon unless the trade market undergoes a dramatic upheaval.

What Bob Myers said of Kevin Durant

“I like our team and where it’s at. I want to give the guys a chance to do it again. We kept most of it together, but we have to stay healthy. I didn’t think we’d make it last year, but we did. I watch like you do. We’ll see what happens.

“It’s a good group. We’re lucky. It’ll be fun to see. We were really hunting last year. Now I guess we’re back to being the hunted, which I didn’t think we’d be. We’ll see. I think we can handle it.”