Everyone has their own best-ever NBA starting five. These squads are constructed using the subjective evaluations and ratings of the participants. It’s unusual for a group to be universally embraced or rejected. Draymond Green, a four-time NBA champion, just selected his all-time starting five, which, as expected, includes Stephen Curry.

The 32-year-old is often considered a top performer among players of his day. In addition to his four championships, Green has also been named to the All-Star team four times and was the league’s defensive MVP once. With the Golden State Warriors, the NBA All-Stars, and the U.S. national team, he has shared the court with some of the greatest players in NBA history.

The former Defensive Player of the Year included his Warriors colleague Stephen Curry on a recent edition of The Draymond Green Show. Likewise, LeBron James, the top player for the Los Angeles Lakers, was there. Dray’s top ten also included Shaq, Tim Duncan, and the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut.

Draymond Green’s all-time starting five

“My all-time starting five is Shaq at the 5 and Steph at the 1. I got LeBron James at the 3. Now, again, this is where the eras and stuff gets tricky because what era of basketball am I talking about? But I’m just going to talk basketball in the sense of who I think will make a great five.

“Steph at the 1, Shaq at the 5, LeBron at the 3, Timmy D at the 4. And did you think I was going to go anywhere other than MJ at the 2? You got to be out of your mind. Although I must say, Kobe was a very close second, a very close second for me on my starting five.”