The Golden State Warriors will make a long-awaited appearance in the NBA Finals this year after failing to do so since 2019. With a star-studded team at full strength, the Dubs are optimistic about their chances to bring back glory days.

Stephen Curry has been outstanding as always, Klay Thompson‘s return was certainly a huge boost and Draymond Green shut down all the opponents. On top of that, role players such as Andrew Wiggins were key contributors.

However, the job isn’t finished yet and the Warriors have another challenging task ahead. The Boston Celtics have shown their credentials during the playoffs, so Steph is aware that they deserve respect as well.

Stephen Curry shows respect for the Celtics

We like the matchup in terms of confidence going in, knowing we can win, but there’s obvious respect in terms of what they present as a team,” Curry said, via NBC Sports.

Tatum and [Jaylen] Brown are the heads of the snake, Marcus Smart does what he does, you got some vets, Al Horford who has been in the league a long time and in his first Finals appearance so I’m sure they’re motivated just like we are and we’re excited to get things going.”

The NBA Finals get underway on Thursday, when the Celtics make the trip to the West to take on the Warriors at Chase Center. How this series will unfold remains to be seen, but the expectations are through the roof.